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    Curious about solo or full-time travel? Here are some of the questions I get asked most frequently, along with the answers.

    Usually, I make my decisions based on one of four things:
    1. People I love that I want to see and spend time with, like close FRIENDS AND FAMILY — they are spread out all over the country
    2. Something NEW that I want to SEE that I never have
    3. Something I NEED TO DO in a certain location, like attend an event
    4. THE WEATHER — someone used the term in conversation with me once “chasing 70 degrees”… but with me, it’s been more like chasing 77 degrees 😉 The weather plays a huge role in my travels
    For me, being able to afford living on the road and traveling full-time is a matter of rearranging priorities, planning properly, and having multiple streams of revenue coming in so that I can stay on the road. My main source of income is freelance marketing projects. While some people may look at this lifestyle as a scary risk that deviates from the norm, choosing full-time solo RV living has been the best way to provide financial stability for myself.
    It also allows me to pursue a creative life and live a life that I know I can afford. To me, that is not risky at all — that is true stability and financial security. It makes me wonder how or why I ever lived any other way.
    You can read more about How To Afford Full-Time Travel on my blog by clicking the link to get there.
    Not at all! It wasn’t until the last few years of my life that I discovered camping — and basically at the same time glamping — and began traveling this way instead of by plane. Other than going to the beach, hiking and kayaking, I was never outdoorsy until now! If I can do this, you can too.
    For the most part, excitement overtakes fear and rarely do I feel scared on the road. It’s not that I never feel fear, but my motto the last several years has been to “do it scared”. There is a difference between real fear and imagined fears, and I have learned not to let imagined fears stop me from living my dreams.
    I take the necessary precautions, make good decisions and try not to put myself in situations that could potentially be dangerous. The irony is that there are more women in danger in their own homes, than there are women that are in danger living full-time on the road. This way of life is safer than most people would imagine. Read more on how to protect yourself at Safety Tips For Solo RV Living.
    The truth is that a couple years ago, I sat heartbroken on my front porch, grieving for a friend who had just lost someone in her family. He was our age, had young children and from everything anyone could tell, shouldn’t have any reason to have the cancer he had. And then, he was GONE..
    It wasn’t the first loss I’ve encountered or the closest, but it made me do something LIFE CHANGING that day. I got really honest with myself about my own life and how I was living it.
    As I sat there that day on my front porch, a life-changing question popped into my head: “IF I FOUND OUT TOMORROW THAT I WAS DYING, WOULD I CONTINUE LIVING MY LIFE AS I AM NOW?”
    My answer then was an immediate and emphatic, “NO”
    And, I was doing work that I BELIEVED IN, work that was fulfilling, that was changing lives. But, I was living far away from everyone I loved and there were so many things I wanted to see and do that were just ON HOLD.
    So, my next question was this: “HOW WOULD I LIVE DIFFERENTLY THEN, IF I COULD?”
    My decision that day was that I would TRAVEL the country full-time, visit all the people I loved and see all that I could along the way.
    Nothing happens overnight and it has taken me until now to be able to do it – but I am HAPPY to say that NOW I AM CHOOSING TO LIVE LIFE by my answer to that life-changing question; and so far, I have not regretted a single minute of it.

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